Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pore extraction

Pore extraction is one of the best ways to remove blackheads however it can have some negative effects.

what is pore extraction?
Pore extraction is the extraction of blackheads, dirt & oil from the pores in your face.

i have found pore extraction the best way to remove blackheads from the forehead & nose; when extraction blackheads from the nose the best way to to it is to squeeze out the blackheads. ( This is the best way for me to do it you may find a better way) Redness often occurs after extraction and for some people it can last a few days however it is worth it if you do everything correctly.

on my forehead i use an extraction tool it is a small metal bar with a wire eye at the top, you place the blackhead in the center of the eye and press down then the blackhead is removed. i have also found that if you use a syringe without a needle place the hole of the syringe against the blackhead press down then pull the syringe plunger back, this removes the blackhead with suction.

below are some products i recommend for extracting blackheads.

1. Blackhead extractor  very cheap on ebay

2. Pore & blackhead unclog-er (battery powered suction device place over & turn on)

these are the two best ways of extracting blackheads
the battery powered extractors are good however the one above is under £3-$5 so cheap however
it is not very good you may want to get a better one or a branded one as you usually get best results, i have seen 1 that is purple and it come with 4 attachments (i have ordered it from china) i have seen many videos it is great it has a brush, sponge, massage & extractor a full acne remover & prevention kit, you will need to steam your face while using to open the pores best used in the bath. dont get wet!

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